Vote and give us your opinion in the comment section. Big
brother will never know so you can be honest! It won't be
long before the government stops all descending opinions.
There are those that think the country should get rid of God altogether and become an atheist nation? Do you
have an opinion?
Recently in California some students were suspended from school because they worn American flags on their
shirts during a Mexican holiday. Do you think they should be expelled from school for wearing the American flag.
Not too long ago the dictator of Venezuela declared himself as dictator for life. Do you think it would be OK for Obama to
the American people and do what is needed according to him.
Speaking of Obama, do you favor changing from a evil capitalist nation into a more PC socialist state?
Do you think having a 'gay' sailor on board a Navy ship would improve morale of 'straight' sailors on those long,
long cruises? Especially on submarines where you have to do what we fondly called 'hot bunking'.
There is a lot of talk about security lately or lack thereof. Do you feel all warm and cuddly with our security