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We thought about building an ark it rain so much that June of 2007. We couldn't get anything done on our construction.
David and I had fun clearing the land riding on bulldozers. I think we did a pretty good job for people that have never driven one.
It was so sweet to cut down that FOR SALE sign.
David promptly gets stuck.
Tons and tons of bamboo; you can't kill that stuff..
This is the way it looked in the beginning.
After thousands in concrete. It costs a
bunch to build a building but we think it
2728 Appelt Dr. Houston TX
281-499-8164 (Phone)
281-452-4831 (WH Fax)

But don't try to mail us at that address- no
mail box but our customers are welcomed
to come by any day - just call first
because it is fenced and gated and
heavily secured by ADT.
We found this spot by accident. David and I were returning from a tire repair shop and passed by the property and he tried to call the
real-estate broker from the sign. They didn't answer the phone because the contract had expired between the owner and Realtor and they
hadn't bothered to take down their sign. We got on the Internet and searched the tax records for the owner. We called them and the
property had been on the market for a number of years and no buyers. We made them an offer and they accepted. It was a perfect place
for us, five minutes from the channel. We were blessed to find this spot especially when fuel went to $5/gallon.
It had become a trash dump.
That field was a swamp as David found
out the hard way.