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You may generate the gate list by entering in the proper PW when prompted. The program will
create a text file named "GATELIST.TXT" with all the information you will require to enter
certain docks. Call Ron or David to get the PW.

  1. Double click to start the gate list program.
  2. The first thing it will ask you for PW. Enter the PW given to you by Ron or David.
  3. When you enter the correct pass word, the program will then create a gate list file named GATELIST.TXT.
  4. When the program is finished it will wait for you to press ENTER. The window will disappear. Do not despair,
    simply press the File button again and then select Open. Enter GATELIST.TXT as the file to search for.
  5. The File Manager should pop up GATELIST.TXT Double click and the File Manager will open it using notebook.
    You will be able to print it out by selecting the print option in Notebook.
  6. If you have any problems call Ron or Dave for help.
  7. NOTE: The Gate List will be written to your system and you will see an ICON on your desktop. You can double
    click this and NOTEBOOK will open it for you to print without going on line to do this again.
We carry full Liability insurance on all employees and equipment
including U.S.L.H.& L. and Worker's Compensation.